Dr. Karan Singh

(9th March 1931)

Dr. Karan Singh was born on March 9, 1931 at Cannes (France). He is a great son of a great father, Maharaja Hari Singh. The birth of a Yuvraj was always a reason to rejoice and the birth of Dr. Karan Singh was greeted with great enthusiasm. Dr. Karan Singh was educated initially at the Cathedral School, Bombay, then at the Convent, Sri nagar and finally Doon School. He did his Doctorate from Delhi University.

On June 20,1959 Maharaja Hari Singh appointed him Regent in keeping with the demand of the rapidly changing political situation in the state. In 1952, Dr. Karan Singh was elected Sadar-I-Riasat and then Governor. He is a unique instance of the last representative of the old order becoming, by the will of the people the representative of the new order. During these years he has fulfilled his responsibility with dedication and commendable success.

Dr. Karan Singh is a reputed Scholar, acknowledged the world over. After entering public life he represented Doda, Udhampur constituency in Parliament in 1967. He was inducted as member ofthe Union Cabinet as Union Minister and as M.P. he fought for the rights of the people of Jammu Through his efforts, the Salal Hydro Project, Jammu-Pathankot rail link, the University of Jammu and the Medical College came in to being.

Among the Princes, he was the first to voluntarily surrender his privy purse and put the entire sum into the Hari Tara Charitable Trust named after his parents, in the service ofthe people. He converted the Amar Mahal, Jammu into a museum and library containing a vast collection of books and paintings.

He has been Sole Trustee of Dharmarth Trust since 1959. During this period Hari Market, Hari Bhawan, Ranbir Market, Ranbir Yatri Bhawan and Karan Market were constructed. With their constructions the revenue of the Trust has increased three-fold.

Dr. Karan Singh is Chairman, Ethics Committee, Parliament of Inda Chairman, Auroville Foundation with Cabinet Rank Ministry of Human Resource Development Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Vice-Chairman, Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund Dy. Leader, Congress Party in Rajya Sabha Member, Committee on Defence, IGNCA, JNML External Affairs, N.I.C. & Status Govt. of India Padma Bivhushan Awarded by President of India President, Indian Council for Cultural Relations with Cabinet Rank (Ministry of External Affairs).